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Artist Statement

My career began the about the age of five when my father tore open a brown paper bag and told me to write on it. At that age I could not really discern the difference between writing and drawing. So my reaction was to draw. It was through this artistic awakening that I realize that not only must I draw but it was part of my DNA.

Much of my inspiration and subject matter comes from my African American heritage. Although I primarily paint people of color, I don't necessarily consider it "black art". I just call it ART.

I am at my best when I am incorporating my love of drawing, painting, and printmaking through an innovative printmaking process called collograph which is uniquely mine. I believe that printmaking is one of the most under estimated and under utilized medium in art. It can be as drawing oriented as etching, as sculptural as a collograph, or as painterly as a monotype.

As an artist, I pride myself in thinking out of the box, so to speak.  Creating pieces that are a different twist from traditional or conventional techniques. I feel that my best artwork is yet to come.


I am a native Kansas Citian, local artist, and educator. I received my formal education from Lincoln University (B.A., Art Ed) and University of Missouri-Kansas City (M.A., Studio Art). I have been an educator in Kansas City for 26 years and currently serve as an adjunct professor for UMKC and the Metropolitan Community Colleges.